Redline completed these two 190' x 70' crush pads in Spring 2020 in two phases in order to facilitate on going winery and vineyard operations, within a short timeline.⁠⁠
These have some elaborate features:⁠⁠
- Underground transfer piping so that equipment can be moved around without wiring above ground⁠⁠
- Complex system of steam, hot water, cold water, nitrogen, and compressed air for the servicing of the primary grape processing equipment⁠⁠
- Connections for glycol heat and cool systems to enable efficient juice management⁠⁠
- Stainless steel strip drain for corrosion resistance and durability⁠⁠
- Surface has a urethane bacterial resistant finish⁠⁠
- Exterior lighting strategically placed to facilitate 24-hour day operations⁠

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